Murder by Television / Murder by Television (1935) IMDB 4.50(314) Full Movie Download

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original title: Murder by Television / Murder by Television
rating: 4.50(314)
The U.S.
Thriller, detective
Director: Clifford Sanforth. in roles: Bela Lugosi’s June Collier, HUNTLEY Gordon, George Meeker, Henry Maubrey, …
running time: , 53 min.
release date: 1935


One day Mr. Hou”and invented a unique device, which allows to broadcast the TV signal in any point of the globe. However, to sell this device companies Hou”and did not want, and then dishonest businessmen decided to steal the device.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 0% () source, 1929 Side Street / Side Street english subtitles

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